"Celent recently assisted Santam with a strategic systems evaluation process.  Their industry expertise in IT systems for the general insurance market and their counselling around structuring vendor selection processes were invaluable to us. 


Celent revealed an in-depth knowledge of both the leading industry players and implementations as well as a deep understanding of the range of offerings.  With regard to the vendor selection process, they showed a good understanding of best practices and their practical experience helped us tailor our process to what we wanted to get out of it.  They offered robust alternatives to standard procurement processes.


In terms of customer service orientation their approach was professional and they demonstrated a commitment to support Santam’s agenda.  Their willingness to contribute beyond their contract commitments was appreciated."


John Melville, Executive Head: Risk Services, Santam Limited

Groupama Insurances

What makes Celent special for me is that everything you say, everything you publish, is relevant, useful, and cannot be found anywhere else. IT consultants often offer information that is readily available in the free press, whereas with Celent you get something you wouldn't otherwise find elsewhere, presented very clearly.”

Jem Eskenazi, Chief Information Officer, Groupama Insurances

"Celent provides CME Group with information that helps support our efforts to inform and educate our staff and guide the company's strategic direction. Celent's value includes global expertise in capital markets and an international analyst network via the Oliver Wyman merger.

This past year, Celent offered CME Group a unique opportunity to change the way in which we work with one another, providing a cost effective consulting service that better addresses CME Group's needs. To date, Celent has not failed to deliver on any of the information requests that CME Group has brought forward. As a result, we are gaining better market intelligence faster."

Ariel Hantin, Associate Director, Market Research, CME Group

"HCL relationship with Celent's analyst team has been very fruitful over the years and we have been able to successfully establish and enhance mindshare across key customer segments owing to this association. In particular, the Insurance expertise of Celent has been augmenting our business expansion exercise in this key domain. The research and advisory services also helps the HCL team keep abreast of the latest industry trends and buttress our thought leadership initiatives."

Arvind Sainath, Marketing Manager, HCL Technologies

Global IT Services Firm

"With Tower Group’s drastic staff actions of late, I see very little value remaining in this former leader in the financial services industry. It will take time before this firm can rebuild any bench strength to be a meaningful player in the space. My experience with Celent and their strength and stability through this tough economic time, as well as their successful integration into the Oliver Wyman group, would lead me to recommend them as a trusted advisor and long-term partner. In addition to their core strength in insurance, they have excellent financial services knowledge and analysts. If you need results now, you’ve got a great option in choosing Celent." 

Marketing Director, Global IT Services Firm

"We actively use the Celent research reports in our global business. But we have also found that ready access to the Celent analyst team has been beneficial to our growth and expansion. We count on them to provide independent perspective, knowledge and candor to weigh in on new ideas, markets and solutions." 

Ed Ossie, President, Innovation Group

Top 50 US Bank

"Celent is a great research partner with lots of experience in the transaction services area. We call up Celent's analysts all the time and receive valuable feedback on our products and how to make improvements."

Top 50 US Bank

"Celent has worked with us on a number of strategic investigations over the years. A recent project to scan, interview and qualify prospective partners for future expansion exceeded our already high expectations. Combine the Celent team’s unrivalled global knowledge with a relentless passion for professionalism (frequency of feedback, quality of output) and you have true value for money with demonstrable ROI."

Andrew Hubbard, Partner, Airas Intersoft

"We used Celent to review a potential investment in the insurance industry. Celent provided Goldrock Capital with a focused and intelligent analysis of the target company and the market, and also facilitated discussions with a number of industry insiders. At Celent we have worked with exceptional individuals who have a real mastery of their industry sectors." 

Darren Rockman, Managing Partner, Goldrock Capital

"Another outstanding report - very informative, well written, and the best call to action I've seen for FIs. Great job!" 

Michael Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer, PANINI

"OneShield has been a client of Celent for 3 years. The insurance vertical focus has been invaluable for providing access to in-depth research on industry trends, challenges and success models. We also value the insight and perspectives of the Celent analysts, who always make themselves available at short notice. Their deep industry insight on the changing landscape and how our company can deliver better products and services to our customers."

Heather Peacock, SVP Sales and Client Services, OneShield

"Celent’s banking practices are a key contributor to our business. The access to relevant and topical industry reports and research, as well as the analysts themselves provides us with an independent insight and view of the markets we operate in and assists us in our strategic planning."

Sarah Paulucci, Analyst Relations Manager, Temenos

"I have been a Celent client for more than two years and have found their material and insights valuable. What is of importance to me is the availability, quality and strategic thinking of their analyst staff who are prepared to engage with you personally on issues of importance to you."

Vanessa Otto-Mentz, Head of Strategy, Santam

"As a software vendor, focused solely on the insurance vertical, I need to ensure that my business strategy, product offering, and R&D roadmap are up to the challenge of my customers and prospective clients, and will make me stand ahead of my competition. My tight collaboration with CELENT, for over seven years, turned to become a highly rewarding part of this ongoing planning process. The research agenda, the responsiveness of the analysts, and the accompanying advisory services of CELENT, are excellent supportive sources of knowledge - a fusion of deep functional and technical expertise, backed by broad business understanding." 

Yoel Amir, CEO, IDIT I.D.I. Technologies

"The entire Celent team has been extremely responsive to every request I’ve made, and has been generous with their time and data. Every time I’ve come to them, I’ve gotten better-than-anticipated results in faster-than-expected timeframes – what more could I ask?"

Laura Marshall, Director of Competitive & Market Intelligence, Misys

"We engaged Celent to identify the market requirements and help us in shaping the US market entry strategy for Finacle’s e-banking solutions. Their coverage of the vendors and internet banking space in the US, their industry knowledge and methodology, their objectivity and professionalism, and their ability to understand our goals met our expectations. We found Celent's analysis and recommendations a valuable input in our decision making process enabling us to make the right decision quickly."

Merwin Fernandes - VP and Head Global Sales and Marketing - Banking Business Unit, Infosys Technologies

"Celent's thought leadership is an excellent contributor to understand market trends and evolution. Celent specialists are above all "client focus" in transmitting their knowledge. We highly appreciate their interactive webinars, which become a privileged time for exchanging market views."


"Simplex Technology has been using Celent's research advisory and consulting service for several years. Our goal is to provide global high end technology for the capital markets, and to keep growing our revenue continuously. To achieve this target, leading edge information with worldwide coverage is necessary. As we are keen to utilize our limited human resources efficiently within our core competence, we choose Celent as our partner. With its expertise and in-depth knowledge, Celent gives us more than I expect."

Hideki Kaneko, Managing Director & CEO, Simplex Technology, Inc.

Global risk management company

"Celent helped to efficiently guide us through an extensive evaluation of property casualty underwriting system solutions.  Their deep domain knowledge, coupled with their intimate understanding of the insurance solution vendors, was critical to quickly bringing our evaluation process to a decision point."  

Vice President, Insurance Systems, global risk management company

Fortune 500 financial firm

"We have been a client of Celent's for the past four years utilizing access to analysts and industry reports to assist in developing strategy and making strategic fact based decisions. We retained Celent for three major global primary studies that were complex and intricate. They delivered quality information that met our timelines and budgets and far exceeded our expectations. Our account representative and the analysts are responsive to our needs and understand our business. I view the Celent team as my partner, and know they will be there when I need them."

Director of Marketing, Fortune 500 financial firm

"Celent has good understanding of the global insurance technology marketplace and provides valuable insights on buying behavior, competition and technology trends. Celent analysts are extremely responsive and friendly to speak to. At Mastek, we frequently refer to Celent reports and recommendations for our insurance strategy and product roadmaps. Our 5-year strong association with Celent has been beneficial."

Mitul Mehta, Head- Marketing, Mastek

"ISID uses Celent's research reports and analyst advisory for both understanding market trends and making strategic decisions. Celent's reports are far more useful than most market research, because they select research themes that resonate with client needs, and provide more tangible and in-depth content. In particular, Celent's IT solution reports are based on detailed vendor surveys, enabling us to get an accurate grasp of the competitive landscape. I look forward to continued market insights from Celent to help us with our decisioning process."

Tetsuo Iida, General Manager

"It was 6 years ago when I heard the name of "Celent" for the first time. One of my staff, who attended a large insurance conference in the U.S. in 2004, was impressed by Celent's insights and reported to me. Honestly speaking, I didn't pay much attention to it, because the name was not known in Japan. But after reading their report summaries, it turned out that the reports clearly indicate near-term future trends of our industry. So we signed up with Celent in 2005. Celent is not a big company in terms of size, but they are focused on the financial industry and are especially strong in the insurance sector. Unlike the generalized and risk-averting reports for the "big" consulting firms, reports from Celent contain straightforward insights and thoughts of each analyst, and they are fun to read. "Model Insurer" is one of my favorite report series. It introduces the best players in each field of the insurance industry, like an All-Star Game. I'm vey proud that Tokio Marine & Nichido has been selected as one of them every year since the reports started in 2007. Unfortunately, information from the Japanese insurance industry can't be said to be entirely sufficient. It is partly because of the closed nature of Japanese insurance companies. We would like to contribute to our colleagues throughout the world by providing information on our firm as much as possible."

Hiroshi Yokotsuka, President, TOKIO Marine Nichido Systems Co., Ltd.

"We have been a longstanding client of Celent's retained advisory services and they provide excellent ongoing support of HCL's financial services business. We recently engaged Celent on a workshop with a large insurance company. The feedback from the insurer's attendees was very positive. Some also said that they wished there had been even more time available to get deeper into the issues. The workshop helped in HCL being awarded work worth several million dollars annually. It’s likely that the meeting put us over the top in our quest to capture this work. More importantly, this work positions us well in terms of helping our client with their overall business and IT transformation."

Prasanna Satpathy, Sr. VP & Head, Financial Services (Americas), HCL

"Fadata is an integrated insurance solutions vendor and has been Celent's customer for more than 3 years. The partnership has been constantly increasing in its importance for our company, and a real value has been added to the business. Celent has assist Fadata in gaining an in-depth understanding of the insurance industry, as well as of individual markets' trends. Moreover, through this collaboration we have been able to receive guidelines for future developments in the IT industry, and to be aware of competitive solutions.Celent provide outstanding industry analyses, characterized by wide knowledge of the presented material, completeness of the data, and undoubted objectivity."

Angelika Kabaivanova, Marketing Manager, Fadata

South African Bancassurance Group

I have managed the selection process for a new system for an insurance company on two occasions. One was for a Life company and the other a General (P&C) insurer. On both projects we worked with Celent. The Celent input was useful on a number of levels.

1. Celent helped us to perform an initial qualification of the vendors. In the one project we started with 40 vendors so we definitely needed help to get this number down to a manageable size.

2. Celent also added value when we got down to our short list by providing insight and practical information from the field that informed our decisions. Much of this information would not have been available to us without Celent.

3. Celent also provided us a mechanism to verify (or refute) input we had received that we needed to validate.

4. Lastly, Celent provided a facility to bounce ideas which helped clarify our thinking.

 The Celent team were a pleasure to work with.

Tony Yunnie, Consultant

“Standard Chartered Bank Korea’s relationship with Celent’s analyst team has been very fruitful and we have been actively using Celent research reports in our global business. I am very proud that Standard Chartered Bank Korea has been selected for 2016 Celent Model Bank Awards for Branch Transformation. In terms of customer service orientation, they demonstrated a strong commitment to support our agenda. I plan to continue this collaboration with Celent and strongly believe that its reports and analyses will form excellent basis in providing unique customer experiences.”

Ryan Kim, Head of Digital Banking & Alliances

After a long evaluation process we made the decision to partner with Celent to help us with our focus on becoming the leading distribution management software provider for the insurance industry.  I can confidently say that it was a wise decision on our part.  Celent’s organization as a whole; the leadership, analysts and business development team members are very knowledgeable, easy to work with and always readily available to help us with our research needs.  They’ve been instrumental in helping us to facilitate our North American market growth and we will be looking to them again as we expand in to the Americas and beyond.