Slice Labs - A Case Study of Insurance Disruption

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Truly disruptive insurance innovations are rare. Slice Labs provides a valuable benchmark against which insurers, insurance technology providers, and insurtech firms can measure their innovation efforts.

NEW YORK - Celent has released a new report titled Slice Labs: A Case Study of Insurance Disruption. The report was written by Michael Fitzgerald, a Senior Analyst with Celent's Insurance practice.
How can insurance cover a person that sometimes faces personal and at other times have commercial risks?
Slice Labs meets the definition of disruption in that it provides a new product which leverages emerging technology to an underserved market. Slice Labs combines personal and commercial coverages in a single homesharing insurance contract and delivers it on a per-use basis through a digital automation platform. The cost and speed benchmark established by Slice Labs challenges traditional innovation approaches.
"The industry press is full of hyperbole claiming that insurance disruption is rampant. Actually, most initiatives are incremental. Slice Labs is an exception in that it seeks to change both the product and the delivery system and serve an underserved, emerging market. insurance innovations, are not," commented Fitzgerald.  

"No doubt the sharing economy will grow. The question is how fast. Insurance solutions such as Slice Labs will help speed the process by offering appropriate coverage tailored to specific perils," he added.


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