Guidewire Connections 2017

: Las Vegas, NV
: November 13, 2017
: Juan Mazzini, Insurance

This is the conference for people who use Guidewire applications, the Guidewire platform, and Guidewire collaboration tools to help inspire their teams to do new and amazing things to bring success to their organizations.

More than a third of people who come to Connections are from claims, billing and policy/underwriting departments.

Another third are from IT, operations, and development. They range from CIOs to software developers. They understand that mobile technology, agile methodologies, open platforms and social networking aren’t just Connections agenda items: These are the future of the insurance industry.

Other attendees range from C-level executives to people who simply love the capabilities they get from using Guidewire products. They attend because they see potential for doing new things, and taking advantage of new opportunities.

Many customers and partners don’t simply attend,—they make the most of the agenda by bringing several team members to Connections. And better yet, they find people to collaborate with, and to share stories of triumphs, failures and, “snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.”

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