Celent Research Services for the Global Financial Services Industry

Celent Research Services

Celent conducts timely and independent research concentrating on information technology and strategy and their relevance to the global financial services industry with a specific focus on Banking, Securities & Investments, and Insurance.

Our research falls under three overarching themes:

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The move from the physical to the virtual world, from person-to-person interaction toward person-to-machine or machine-to-machine. Integrating and coordinating among disparate and siloed delivery channels will be critical to satisfying ever-increasing customer expectations. 
 Innovation & Emerging Technologies
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Celent defines innovation as fundamental changes to products, services, or business models that break existing tradeoffs and provide value to the customer. New hardware, software and network technologies feed insurance innovation.
 Legacy & Ecosystem Transformation
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Legacy technology can hinder innovation, since insurers must typically offer backward compatibility. Insurers must not only modernize, but transform, their internal systems and the ways in which they interact with a vast web of customers, counterparties and regulators.

Celent Analysts

Our internationally based, multilingual analysts provide our clients with a global perspective and an unparalleled understanding of market structure, market trends, the latest technological innovations, and their impact on the global financial services industry. As markets become more fragmented, regulations more complex, and technology more evolved, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Celent provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions by offering our trademark in-depth analysis and pragmatic, actionable advice.

Celent Research Reports

Celent’s reports are based on rigorous research and leverage the over 200 years of experience our analysts bring to the table. Clients can choose from among seven areas of financial services research (Retail and Business Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Finance & Risk, Life Insurance, and Property & Casualty Insurance). Each service area includes:

  • Current Research—access to 15-20 cutting-edge reports published annually within the service.
  • Archived Research—access to all of Celent’s previously published research within the service.
  • Analyst Access—unlimited access to Celent analysts for a variety of queries including, questions about a specific report, one-on-one strategy sessions, requests for additional data, etc.
  • Topical Events—free access to Celent events including webinars, conferences, workshops, and networking groups (travel expenses not included).
  • Graphical Data—online access to all charts and graphs contained within our reports. Clients are welcome to use Celent data and graphics provided that Celent is cited as the source.

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Celent Research Report Categories

Celent research reports generally fall into one of four categories:

  • Trends Analysis—high-level views of trends in segments of the global financial services industry.
  • Vendor Comparisons—a detailed look at various technology vendors’ offerings with recommendations for financial institutions engaged in system selections.
  • Case Studies—close-up reports focusing on a single firm’s experience launching a specific technology initiative.
  • Market Analysis—an in-depth look at end user behavior, spending levels, and market sizes within specific segments of the financial services industry.

An explanation of our research methodology can be viewed here.




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