Strategy Consulting Services for the Global Financial Services Industry

Financial Services Consulting

Today’s global financial institutions operate in an increasingly complex world. New regulations, technological innovations, and an ever-changing competitive landscape have a profound impact on business operations. Celent’s consulting practice offers firms access to the expertise necessary to compete and thrive in this challenging environment. For information on how to engage Celent, please click here.

At Celent, we conduct our strategy consulting projects using the same team of analysts who research and write our reports. These analysts are based around the world in global financial centers, giving them firsthand experience in a variety of markets. Immersion in the market, along with deep knowledge gained from ongoing research, allows us to complete projects in considerably less time than traditional consulting firms. Furthermore, our affiliation with Oliver Wyman gives us access to a wealth of specialized information. Examples of typical strategy consulting projects include:

  • Competitive Intelligence, Benchmarking, and Analysis—we provide detailed information and analysis on the competitive landscape.
  • Product Feature Requirements/Gap Analysis—we identify gaps in product and service offerings that should be addressed in order for companies to compete more effectively in their chosen markets.
  • New Market Entry—we examine the competitive landscape for firms looking to enter a market.
  • Market Sizing and Market Positioning—we analyze the overall size of various markets and evaluate how firms can best position their products/solutions to compete in various markets going forward.
  • Strategy Review—we review and advise on strategies for product development, product and service introduction, customer acquisition, and operations.
  • Vendor Selection—we provide insight, assistance, and project management skills to financial institutions seeking to select a new vendor solution.

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