Webinar: Mobile Banking Quantified: A Demo and Highlights

North America


FI Navigator and Celent are collaborating and have published Mobile Banking Quantified: Comprehensive Benchmarks for US Vendors and Institutions, the industry’s most comprehensive report detailing mobile banking offerings on the more than 6,000 US financial institutions that offer mobile banking and more than 50 vendor providers. This webinar presents a look into the report, combining FI Navigator’s mobile banking data and analytics module with Celent’s leading industry research methodologies to examine vendor and institution performance standards from nearly three years of month-to-month historical data, including:

  • Market share, market share accretion, churn rates, customer utilization, customer satisfaction, client demographics, growth, and other vendor performance measures.
  • Mobile adoption, customer utilization, customer satisfaction, vendor turnover, mobile feature provision, and other insights into bank and credit union performance.
  • Analysis of the most salient insights and trends in the mobile banking market.

For more information about this event, including the audio and the presentation, please contact Ken Kilduff at kkilduff@celent.com.

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