Webinar: Insurance Core System Strategies for the Fintech Age: Legacy Modernization in Japan's Insurance Industry



This webinar draws on a 2015 Celent survey on legacy modernization. More than 60 firms including banks, insurers, brokers, and asset management firms responded to the survey. This new two-part webinar is an extension of this work and narrows the focus to the insurance sector.

Eiichiro Yanagawa, senior analyst, offers a deeper look at the survey results to focus on the insurance industry, considering future developments for the sector based on a firm understanding of the current situation. The webinar examines systems modernization in Japan in a global context and the strategies that seem to underpin modernization projects elsewhere.

Specifically, Celent explores what system modernization means to insurers in Japan, discusses why this is the case, and touches upon possible developments. Ultimately, the webinar reaches the conclusion that legacy modernization is a synonym for business modernization, and a smart move both in terms of digital and innovation.

For more information about this event, please contact Yuya Fukumori at yfukumori@celent.com.

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