Complex Event Processing

Looking Beyond Algorithmic Trading
by Muralidhar Dasar, April 16, 2012
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Complex event processing (CEP) is emerging as one of the hottest technologies in the trading space. The market size for CEP solutions in financial services industry is around US$115 million and expected to grow by around 30% every year for the next two years.

In the last couple of years, data volumes have increased exponentially, with increasing automation of trading processes. Trading venues and firms are upgrading their IT infrastructures to handle large data volumes, as they are pressed to expand their data processing capabilities, resulting in a growing need for sophisticated analytics for mining large volumes of data. The financial crisis of 2008 also increased demand, as CEP is being used for continuous and more granular risk monitoring applications.

In a new report, Complex Event Processing, Celent analyzes the growing interest in CEP technology. The technology is increasingly being adapted for a wide variety of use cases in financial services industry. Although its earlier use cases were concentrated outside of financial services, its ability to issue high speed responses to specific patterns or triggers using real-time data is making it very attractive to capital markets players.

“Trading firms are using CEP as an enabling technology to support a variety of operations around trade execution, and in spite of the advantages that come with real time capabilities of CEP and its high sophistication, they are reluctant to hand over trade execution itself to automated systems,” says Muralidhar Dasar, Celent Analyst and author of the report. “CEP vendors need to look beyond algorithmic trading; there are a large number of use cases of CEP capable of adding significant value to organizations.”

This report discusses the market uptake of CEP solutions and its applications in capital market firms. The report also highlights the ongoing consolidation in the CEP market, the entry of large technology players, and the product positioning and features of leading CEP offerings.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary




Market Overview



Explosion in Data Volumes



Real Time Technology for Handling Big Data



Market Size


Technology Overview



The Search for Competitive Advantage



CEP Architecture



A Different Approach to Data Processing



Conventional RDBM Makes Way for Memory-Centric Data Management



Event-Driven Architecture



Layers of CEP Architecture Build Vs. Buy



Solving for High-Speed Using CEP: The Many Layers of Underlying Technology



CEP Solutions Ecosystem



Consolidation in the CEP Market


CEP Applications in Capital Markets




Leveraging Celent’s Expertise



Support for Financial Institutions



Support for Vendors


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