Maximizing Collateral Advantage: A Survey of Buy Side Business and Operational Strategies

by Cubillas Ding, May 7, 2013
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It will cost the financial industry in excess of $53 billion in infrastructure and technology investments to upgrade and source new capabilities to achieve collateral efficiency and operational efficiency in a mixed clearing and collateralization environment.

In this report, based on a survey by Celent and commissioned by Omgeo, Maximizing Collateral Advantage: A Survey of Buy Side Business and Operational Strategies, Celent examines the state of buy side collateral management capabilities to understand how senior executives, practitioners, and industry experts from asset managers, hedge funds, insurance asset management units, and pension funds envisage the future of their collateral operations/IT, and how their organizations are formulating strategies towards their goals.

Firms are likely to be impacted in the way they hedge and trade derivatives; more than half of institutional investors surveyed stated that market reforms would materially change their trading behavior and asset allocation activities.

“Whether or not a firm is proactive in terms of implementing the right infrastructure to manage and optimize collateral, we expect trading and investment strategies will need to change,” says Cubillas Ding, Celent Research Director and author of the report. "The differentiator between winners and losers will entail frontline strategy decisions that are enabled by timely collateral inventory information and margining operations, as opposed to firms that may face limitations on what/how/where they trade”, he continues.

A complex landscape, with a choice of derivatives regimes, is emerging. Firms’ decisions regarding which products to employ, as well as where to trade and clear, will be driven by a host of considerations. Depending on the size of their derivatives portfolios, investment strategies, and trading intensity, there will be different implications for trading profitability and costs. This study provides strategies to navigate and exploit opportunities that the emerging market regime brings.

This 30-page report contains 19 figures and one table.

Celent is a research and advisory firm dedicated to helping financial institutions formulate comprehensive business and technology strategies. Celent publishes reports identifying trends and best practices in financial services technology and conducts consulting engagements for financial institutions looking to use technology to enhance existing business processes or launch new business strategies. With a team of internationally based analysts, Celent is uniquely positioned to offer strategic advice and market insights on a global basis. Celent is a member of the Oliver Wyman Group, which is a wholly-owned operating unit of Marsh & McLennan Companies [NYSE: MMC].

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Introduction to Market Study


Collateral Management: New Market and Business Realities



IT Operatives Are Playing Catch-up in the Regulatory Start-Stop Game



Faced with Regulatory Pressures, the Buy Side Is Also Concerned About the Impact of Sell Side Responses …



.. Affecting Derivatives Usage and Longer-Term Hedging Costs



… Raising Concerns over the Ability to Cope Efficiently with Growth in Margin Calls and Limitations of Existing Systems



.. Driving Rises in Collateralization Costs



.. While the Promised Offsets from Portfolio Margining and Netting Remain an Unknown Quantity



… Requiring Firms to Change Asset Allocation and Trading Strategies


Progress and State of Operations



The Journey to Become Operationally Ready Is Arduous



“Explosions” in Margin Calls Have Repercussions for Operational Capacity and Resourcing



… Pushing Firms to an Operational Breaking Point



… Driving the Need to Squeeze Greater Efficiencies and Address Challenges Through Automation



… Creating a Chasm Between Leaders and Laggards Contrasting the “Haves” and Yet-to-Haves”


Charting a Way Forward



Firms Are Faced with Significant Challenges Around Achieving Collateral Efficiency and Operational Efficiency



Near-Term Priorities Focus on Tactical Steps to Front Office Collateral Decision Analytics and Greater Automation



Evolving Technology Sourcing Approaches


Executing for the Future: Action Points


Final Thoughts


Leveraging Celent’s Expertise



Support for Financial Institutions



Support for Vendors


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