Ranking the US Vendors of Cash Management Solutions: 2002 Update

September 20, 2002


Boston, MA, USA September 20, 2002

Ranking the U.S. Vendors of Browser-Based Cash Management Solutions: 2002 Update

Celent Communications ranks Politzer & HANEY first in the fiercely competitive browser-based cash management space for large and midsize financial institutions.

The cash management space has been plagued by financial woes, missed deadlines, and little differentiation in product suite features and functionalities. To date, Windows-based solutions have dominated the market and most financial institutions are still moving "the basics" online. However, this situation is expected to change significantly in the next 12-18 months.

Who are the leaders in the browser-based cash management race? In a new report, Ranking the U.S. Vendors of Cash Management Solutions: 2002 Update, Celent Communications analyzes the solutions of eight vendors and ranks them (Table 1). The ranking is based on seven criteria: features/functionality, financial viability, number of successful deployments, customization, implementation, client support/service, and use of J2EE technology.

The Leaders in Browser-Based Cash Management Solutions

"Ranking the vendors was difficult as all of the solution providers have made great strides over the last year. Product suites are finally on par with Windows-based offerings and many financial institutions plan to phase out their Windows-based solutions by the end of next year," said Christine Barry, wholesale banking analyst at Celent and author of the report.

"Despite pressure on financial institutions to cut their IT budgets, we anticipate continued spending on cash management solutions due primarily to necessity. The technology on the corporate side of the bank continues to lag behind that on the retail side. While retail banks deploy the latest bells and whistles, corporate banks are still playing catch-up," said Barry.

The vendors covered in this report are: Banklink, Bottomline Technologies, Enterprise, Fundtech, Magnet Communications, Metavante (which acquired Brokat), Politzer & HANEY and S1.

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Large and Midsize Financial Institutions (>US$5 billion in assets)

Small Financial Institutions (

1 Politzer & HANEY S1
2 Magnet Communications Politzer & HANEY
3 Fundtech Fundtech

of Celent Communications' Wholesale Banking research service can download the report electronically by clicking on the icon to the left.

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Boston, MA, USA September 20, 2002

Ranking the U.S. Vendors  of Cash Management Solutions:  2002 Update

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  Key Trends 8
  Core Features and Functionalities 11
  Vendor Selection 12
  Spending Projections 13
  Banklink 16
  Bottomline Technologies 17
  Enterprise Cash Management 19
  Fundtech 21
  Magnet Communications 23
  Metavante 25
  Politzer & HANEY 27
  S1 28
  The Ranking 36

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