Ranking the U.S. Vendors of Internet Banking Solutions: 2002 Update

June 24, 2002


San Francisco, CA, USA June 24, 2002

Ranking the U.S. Vendors of Internet Banking Solutions 2002

In its third annual report, Celent Communications ranks the top three Internet banking solution providers for large, medium, and small financial institutions.

Although the Internet banking solution provider market is reaching a mature stage as evidenced by industry consolidation, it is far from slowing down in terms of innovations and opportunities to gain market share. The race to innovate has intensified as core banking features and services are commoditized and vendors seek out new ways to differentiate themselves.

Who are the leaders in the Internet banking software race? In a new report, Ranking the U.S. Vendors of Internet Banking Solutions 2002, Celent Communications analyzes the solutions of eleven vendors and ranks them (Table 1). The ranking is based on the weighted sum of ratings on a comprehensive set of factors. The factors are divided into two main categories: first, end-user features and second, financial institution functionalities (e.g., eCRM) and other key selection criteria (e.g., customization/flexibility, scalability, and ease of implementation)

"What痴 striking about this year痴 findings is the degree to which vendors addressed points of weakness (e.g., mediocre project management and client responsiveness) during the course of the past year. Consequently, the spreads between the cumulative rating for many vendors narrowed substantially," stated

Alenka Grealish, retail banking analyst at Celent. Meredith Outwater, co-author of the report, noted, "The consolidation we predicted last year in the market certainly transpired as several firms were absorbed by their direct competitors. We anticipate additional acquisitions in the industry, yet we expect them to be primarily complementary and, therefore, not resulting in more platforms being sunset."

The vendors covered in this report are: ALLTEL, Corillian, Digital Insight, Financial Fusion, Fiserv, FundsXpress Financial Network, InteliData, Metavante (which acquired Brokat), Online Resources Corp., S1, and Sanchez Computer Associates.

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Large Financial Institutions (>US$20 billion in assets)

Midsize Financial Institutions (US$5-20 billion in assets)

Small Financial Institutions (


Financial Fusion


Digital Insight

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Table of Contents


  San Francisco, CA, USA June 24, 2002

Ranking the U.S. Vendors of Internet Banking Solutions 2002

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  Competition for The Top 100 Stiffens 5
  Consolidation Continues 6
  Competitors Crowding into all Niches 8
  Opportunity to Displace Proprietary Systems 9
  Market Presence 10
  Product and Technology Overview 11
  Alltel 12
  Corillian 15
  Digital Insight 19
  Financial Fusion 23
  Fiserv 26
  FundsXpress 28
  Intelidata 30
  Metavante 32
  Online Resources Corp. 36
  S1 38
  Sanchez 41
  The Ranking 45
  The Functionality Innovation Race 46
  The Criteria and Ratings 50




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