Top Trends in Corporate Payments: A Year in Review

2013 Edition
by Gareth Lodge, January 11, 2013
Industry Trends


This report reflects on the key corporate payments-related issues which kept Celent analysts busy in 2012 and that Celent believes are set to shape the industry in 2013.

The new report, Top Trends in Corporate Payments: A Year in Review, 2013 Edition, is the third edition of Celent’s annual payments trends review. This particular report focuses on trends in corporate payments. For a complete overview of Celent’s top trends in payments, this report should be read in conjunction with Top Trends in Retail Payments: A Year in Review, 2013 Edition.

This report presents the top 10 corporate payments-related issues that Celent analysts dealt with in 2012 and expect to see develop further in 2013. They are not necessarily the most important issues in any given country globally, or even for any given institution. However, collectively, they do represent a reasonably accurate portrayal of important topics in the developed markets. Some of the trends have been covered in more detail in other reports published by Celent throughout the year, but others are discussed in writing here for the first time.

“Transaction banking remains one area of the bank that is continuing to receive attention from senior management, and payments sit at the centre of that relationship,” says Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst in Celent’s Banking Group, and author of this report. “2013 will see continued focus on regulatory issues, such as the forthcoming SEPA deadline, for which many corporates are underprepared. But at the same, banks will turn their attention to a number of more customer-focused initiatives. That extends not just to products but also to how those products are delivered. Connectivity, or the final mile, is becoming increasingly important.”

This 29-page report contains five figures and five tables.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


SEPA: The Beginning of the End, Or the End of the Beginning?


Digitizing the Relationship with the Customer


Riding the Wave of Regulation


Connecting with Connectivity


More Standards? Or More Standardization?


Payment Services Hubs Reaching Maturity?


And Finally …



Standards Need Standardizing



Commercial Cards Accelerate



Liquidity Management


Leveraging Celent’s Expertise



Support for Financial Institutions



Support for Vendors


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