Banking Research

Celent’s Banking Practice provides banking technology research and banking consulting services to the global financial services industry.  Celent's internationally-based Banking Team focuses on information technology and strategy issues affecting multinational, regional, and midsize banks across the globe. We also allow you to stay abreast of the lastest trends affecting the banking industry through our blog, newsletter, LinkedIn Discussion Groups and through our live Twitter feeds. For information on becoming a client of Celent, contact Ken Kilduff at or call +1.617.262.3128.

Banking Research

Celent's banking research falls under 3 overarching themes.

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The move from the physical to the virtual world, from person-to-person interaction toward person-to-machine or machine-to-machine. Integrating and coordinating among disparate and siloed delivery channels will be critical to satisfying ever-increasing customer expectations. 

 Innovation & Emerging Technologies
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Celent defines innovation as fundamental changes to products, services, or business models that break existing tradeoffs and provide value to the customer. New hardware, software and network technologies feed banking innovation.

 Legacy & Ecosystem Transformation
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Legacy technology can hinder innovation, since financial institutions must typically offer backward compatibility. Financial Institutions must not only modernize, but transform, their internal systems and the ways in which they interact with a vast web of customers, counterparties and regulators.

Celent's banking research also covers a variety of products and services. Our analysts are deeply familiar with the vendors that serve the banking market and they publish in-depth comparisons of banking-specific applications including remote deposit capture (RDC), core banking systems, payments and cash management systems, online and mobile banking, anti-money laundering, and anti-fraud technologies

Celent banking research reports tend to fall into one or more of the following categories: trends analysis, vendor evaluations, case studies, or market data.

Celent offers two banking membership services Retail and Business Banking and Corporate Banking.

Model Bank Awards

Every year, Celent recognizes excellence in banking technology through our Model Bank Awards.  The Model Bank Awards are designed to try to answer this deceptively simple question:

"What would it look like for a bank to do everything right with today's technology?"

Model Bank components help financial institutions improve performance and meet market demands.  In general, they represent the way things should be done.

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This service focuses on strategies and technologies that banks use to target its retail consumer base. Celent covers deposit products, retail lending, mobile payments, online banking, mobile banking, payment technologies, social media, and other retail banking issues.

This service focuses on strategies and technologies that banks use to target their corporate client bases. Celent covers cash management, foreign exchange, business-to-business payments, trust, custody, commercial lending, trade finance, and other corporate banking issues.

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